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網上養生氣功班 (初班)

Online Qi-Gong Course (Introductory Class)

Course Purpose

Hong Kong people live with tremendous amount of stress, not to mention COVID-19, which further escalating our burdens of insomnia and chronic pain. SYT Wellness offers an online course of Qi-Gong exercises in additional to face-to-face teaching in response to the COVID epidemic.

Course instructors have decades of experience in teaching Qigong and natural energy therapy, combining Wing Chun Sheng Qi Restoration and sports medicine, into a system of wellness promoting Qigong exercise. The course content includes the use of breathing and conscious movements to regulate bodily functions. This could result in the strengthening of bones, unblocking of the meridian, elevation of ying and yang qi, to promote spinal health, prevent degeneration, osteoporosis, and improve blood circulation after rehabilitation --- to purify the mind and heart and strengthening the body.


Course Audience

Suitable for any age groups, male or female, especially for those with chronic pain and personal health goals


Introductory Class - Course Content

Teach the origins and theories of traditional Daoist Qigong, how to cultivate vitality, nourish and guide qi in a total of 12 styles, each of which has its own different effects:

Lesson 1

1st style: Inspire upward to clear the conception and governor vessels

Clearing the conception and governor vessels can elevate both ying and yang qi, strengthening the back, prevent deterioration and osteoporosis, improve blood circulation.

Lesson 2

2nd style: Push palm, open chest and pericardial meridian

Clear the pericardial meridian to strengthen cardiovascular system, exercise the neck, shoulder and back

Lesson 3

3rd style: Lift up and swing to clear the lung meridian

Clear the lung meridian to improve lung functions, promote lung capacity, accelerate oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange to soothe breathing, reduce risk of asthma attack.

Lesson 4

Review lesson 1 to 3.

First Module Course Fee

Individual fee: ​$820

Start date: November 6th to November 27th, every Saturday at 2:30-3:30 pm

Number of lessons: 1 hour per lesson, 4 lessons in total

Teaching language: Cantonese

Number of students per class:6

*Intermediate class courses must be completed after the initial class before they can participate.

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