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SYT Wellness San Fu Tian Moxibustion Therapy

SYT Wellness San Fu Tian Moxibustion Therapy

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San Fu Tian Moxibustion Therapy is suitable for men, women and children over 5 years old. It is applied during the hottest 3 days of the year, that is, when the meridians are the most loose and the blood vessels are most dilated. Applying hot Chinese medicine to the acupoints can regulate the viscera, balance the yin and yang, thereby enhancing the body's immunity.

Tian Moxibustion helps prevent< br data-mce-fragment="1">
👶Pediatric diseases: children with asthma, fear of cold, susceptibility to colds
👩🏼‍🦰Gynecological diseases: dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation
😷Respiratory diseases: nasal allergy, asthma, tonsillitis, chronic bronchitis
🍕Digestive diseases: diarrhea, cold stomachache, chronic colitis
🦵Body pain: joint pain

Best dates to apply the therapy (can be carried out within 2 dates before or after):
Initial Fu: 10th July < br data-mce-fragment="1">Intermediate Fu: 21st July
Late Fu: 10th August

Three treatments for one charge: HK$550
Pay before 1st July: HK$495 (10% off) ✅

Please fill in the appointment form before payment. The clinic staff will contact you by phone to confirm the appointment

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