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Children's Summer Self-Defense Class
Children's Summer Self-Defense Class
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Children's Summer Self-Defense Class

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Three benefits of learning self-defense for children:

  1. Through self-defense training, children will learn to assess situations and protect themselves when needed to resist bullying and other threats they encounter near home or school.
  2. When children build self-confidence, they will have a higher sense of self-esteem. Self-defense techniques can improve children's sense of control over dangerous situations, rather than becoming their victims.
  3. Self-defense training is a method of physical exercise. Children who feel strong physically will also feel strong mentally. Through exercise, they can gain inner strength and outer courage, and feel more proud of their physical health, and lays the foundation for an active and growing healthy lifestyle.

The course is based on practices, supplemented by theory. Through interactive and interesting forms, children can learn how to properly disassemble the bullying behavior of the others to achieve self-protection and avoid harm. The content includes 10 common malicious situations:

1. How to dismantle when hands being tugged;

2. How to dismantle when being bitten;

3. How to dismantle when being ripped clothes;

4. How to dismantle when a single hand being caught;

5. How to dismantle when both hand being caught;

6. How to dismantle being attacked by fists;

7. How to dismantle when being pulled hair;

8. How to dismantle when the arm are being locked;

9. How to dismantle when the neck is being locked;

10. How to dismantle and break free from being ridden on the body.

Registration instructions< br> 1. Participants are asked to arrive at the class venue 15 minutes early to change their clothes, and bring their own drinking water and sweat towels.
2. The course will provide notes and learning tools. Students must wear sportswear or loose-fitting and comfortable clothes and sports shoes.
3. In case of public holidays, severe weather conditions (including typhoon No. 8 or black rainstorm) or special accidents, the course will be postponed.
4. All tuition fees paid will not be refunded.
5. Make-up lessons will be provided to participants who take sick leave due to physical discomfort, and participants need to provide a sick leave certificate as proof. However, the time limit for make-up classes is within 30 days from the day when the leave is requested.

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