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Bone Tonic Combo (OsetoSoothe x3 + BoneTonic Relief Patch x3 + Libido Booster Soup x1)

Bone Tonic Combo (OsetoSoothe x3 + BoneTonic Relief Patch x3 + Libido Booster Soup x1)

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1. A health supplement for comprehensive relief of joint pain: OsteoSoothe (3 bottles)

"OsteoSoothe" is developed by pain expert Cheung Yung. This product contains natural extracted glucosamine that can effectively relieve joint pain. It also contains various natural TCM ingredients for treating joints and bones degeneration and pain - frankincense, rhizoma drynariae, turmeric, etc. In addition, this supplement contains precious fish maw extracted collagen for joints reparation and helps to promote joint health. It is especially suitable for people who are concerned about osteoporosis or want to relieve joint pain. Go immediately to buy "OseteoSoothe" glucosamine health supplement .

Efficacy of OsteoSoothe:

✓Tonic for Degenerative Bones
✓ Repair Joint Strain
✓ Improve Joint Mobility
✓ Anti-inflammatory and Swelling

    Suitable for people who have the following health concerns:
    • Long-term work injury
    • Back ache and discomfort
    • Degeneration of bones and joints

    Ingredients: frankincense, drynaria, turmeric and other natural herbal ingredients, fish maw extracted collagen and natural extracted glucosamine

    Packaging: vegetable capsule, 60 capsules per bottle

    Suggested use:

    • For adults 18 years or older: take orally with luke-warm water
    • Daily supplement: 1 time per day, 2 capsules each after meal
    • Joint and bone relief: 2 times per day, 2 capsules each after meal

    ✓ Made in Hong Kong. Internationally certified.
    ✓ Certified by the Hong Kong Department of Health Certified Lab
    ✓ No heavy metals, pesticides, residuals, microorganisms and other pollutants or chemical substances
    ✓ Use only natural extracted raw materials and has obtained ISO9001 international certification
    ✓ The product's international barcode GS1 EAN: 4897116130044

    2. Joint health products containing natural herbal analgesic and pain-relieving formula: BoneTonic Relief Batch (3 packs)

    Many people nowadays succumb to joint and back pain caused by a hectic work life, poor posture and sport injuries. With the problem affecting people of all ages and in different occupations, our BoneTonic Relief Patch is the ideal pain-relieving solution for joint health. Developed by our founder, Cheung Yung, who has over 40 years of clinical experience, our evidence-based, proprietary formulated and all natural, herbal pain relief patch consists of various herbal ingredients, including panax notoginseng, boswellia, cloves and cinnamon. Its benefits can be felt immediately, especially when it comes to muscle and joint pain. The ingredients of the BoneTonic Relief Patch are natural and mild. With laboratory testing and certification, it does not contain salicylic acid/wintergreen oil and other relatively more allergic ingredients.

    Suitable for people who have the following health issues:
    • Joint discomfort and back pain due to over exhaustion and bad posture
    • Degenerative joint problems
    • Stiffness and numbness in the neck, shoulders, waist and legs
    • Pain in tendons
    • Joint, muscle and bone discomfort caused by exercise or sports

    Function: Relief degenerates bones and joints, expels wind and cold in the joints, relaxes tendons and activates collaterals, relieves fatigue

    Ingredients: panax notoginseng, cloves, cinnamon, notopterygium incisum, boswellic acid, aralia, natural vitamin E, natural borneol, natural mint, etc.

    Packing specifications : 5 patches per pack

    Original price: $120/package

    3. Libido Booster Soup x1

    Ingredients: Morinda root, Eucommia bark, Beautiful Millettia Root, Coastal glehnia root, Philippine Flemingia Root, Dried longan fruit, Cornus officinalis, Chinese yam, Candied jujube, Astragalus, Polygonatum odoratum, Goji berries (separate packing)

    Function:Rejuvenate liver and kidneys, strengthening bones, joints and back muscles

    Suitable for: Those suffering from frequent urination and cold limbs

    Additional ingredient: Pork spine meat or Pork shank 600g

    Cooking instruction: Add 8-12 bowls of water (250ml per bowl), soak for 30min. Add additional ingredients (like pork shank), pour into cooking pot and cook for 2 hours, add salt if needed (2-4 servings)

    Original price:$60/Package p>

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