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頸推病綜合症 常用電腦致手麻痹

Hand Numbness Caused by Frequent Use of Computers - Neck Push Syndrome


"Nerve root type" cervical spondylosis is a common disease in Hong Kong. It is generally caused by long-term working with the head down, e.g. frequent use of computer, mobile phone, incorrect sitting posture, etc. which will all resulted in long-term strain, or sports injuries, accidental falls, bumps, and injuries caused by traffic accidents. All kinds of injuries can cause injury and degeneration of the bones and joints of the cervical spine or intervertebral discs and other surrounding soft tissues, resulting in irritation or damage to the cervical vertebral nerve, vertebral artery, cervical sympathetic nerve, and even the cervical spinal cord, resulting in various clinical symptoms.

The prevalence of this disease is between 30 and 60 years old, and it is mostly caused by chronic and cumulative injuries.

There are also some young patients who had this disease due to scoliosis, rounded back, and insufficient spine physiological curvature, which leads to over-straightening of the cervical spine and narrowing of the intervertebral foramina, which easily compresses the nerves, vertebral arteries, spinal cord and sympathetic nerves, and early degrades the cervical spine, leading to "bone spurs" hyperplasia.


In clinical practice, patients often tell me "my neck is very painful, I can't turn, and my upper limbs are numb and painful when I sleep.

I feel my muscles beating. I don't know where to put my hands to feel comfortable. I cannot lie down for the whole night and can only sleep when sitting.

Now even my neck and shoulders are in pain, my fingers are numb, and I feel thick and paralyzed. There is no strength in both hands. "

When the patient is checked by palpation, there are obvious tender points on the affected side of the third, fourth, fifth or sixth cervical vertebrae in the lower cervical segment.

When the affected area is compressed, there will be tingling and radiating pain. This symptom is due to the lower neck compresses the nerve line, causing it to become inflamed and swollen, causing pain and paralysis of the arm, especially the head of the thumb.


Treatment Method

1. Acupuncture is the fastest way to relieve pain and reduce swelling. During treatment, the technique should be gentle and the acupuncture should be accurate, so that the patient should not feel any tension or pain. If the treatment is in place, the pain can be relieved in a single treatment, but the symptoms of paralysis can take a long time to heal.

2. Then use the bone setting method to relieve muscle spasm, and restore the dislocation and compression of small joints.

3. Oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine for activating blood circulation, so that the patient can relieve pain, remove dampness, reduce swelling, soothe the liver and calm the nerves, and sleep better.

Clinical manifestations:

1. Head, neck, shoulder and back pain, localized pain and radiating pain in certain parts of the upper limbs.

2. Difficulties in moving the neck and upper limb joints.

3. Muscle beats, numbness or atrophy, more common in the back or upper arms

4. Decreased or disappeared biceps or triceps reflexes.

Source: "The Complete Book of Pain" by Cheung Yung
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