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SYT Wellness was founded in 2015 by Zhang Yong, a Chinese physician who has practiced medicine for more than 30 years. Its core services areAcupuncture, Osteopathic Chiropractic, Bone Trauma, Pulse Prescription,Health exerciseAnd health conditioning, etc.

Dr. Zhang Yong was taught by Cen Neng, the master of Wing Chun, who is known as the “Top Ten Famous Doctors in Xiguan Bone Repairing” and “Tie Arm Neng”. . It is required to achieve the effect of "needle to qi to "acupuncture". Secreted for decades, the topical medicine for bone-setting and the powder for removing blood stasis and swelling and fumigation are good for treating various injuries and benefiting many patients.

After practicing medicine for decades, I have seen many patients wrongly treated their injuries because of ignorance, causing greater physical harm. Therefore, he wrote "The Complete Book of Pain" in 2014, hoping to gather his many years of medical experience, so that the public can deepen their understanding of the causes, clinical manifestations, and treatment methods of Chinese and Western medicine to help patients choose appropriate treatment and health care methods. The “Soup Therapy and Diet Therapy” published in 2016 also adhered to the beliefs of preserving health, wanting to be sick, early treatment of pre-existing diseases, and conditioning after treatment, teaching people how to use soup therapy to strengthen physical fitness, prevent diseases and maintain health .

養生湯膳 - 都市人食療天書1 養生湯膳 - 都市人食療天書2

In 2020, the new type of coronavirus pneumonia spreads around the world. Due to the epidemic, it is impossible to leave home, and the surroundings are full of anxiety and sadnessThat made Dr. Zhang Yong determined to open, which is convenient for the general public to control their health with soup therapy, scented tea and health products, and prevent problems before they occur.


Zhang Yong | Celebrity Physician | Founder of Shangyitang

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