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Chinese medicine has been practiced since ancient times and is the go-to solution for many Chinese people when they combat a myriad of different ailments. With healthcare having come to the forefront of people’s attention in these unprecedented times, many are seeking health products that really work, and are evidence-based and formulated by renowned professionals using well-known herbal ingredients such as cordyceps and lingzhi. There are many health benefits associated with cordyceps, lingzhi and many other potent herbal Chinese medicine ingredients, but finding the right one can be highly tricky, especially as there are so many choices available. At SYT Wellness, we have a proven track record in providing the best herbal medicine available for a range of different health problems. While our track record speaks for itself, it is also important to note that our founder - Cheung Yung– is a renowned veteran in this industry as he has over 40 years of clinical experience. His patients include Hollywood stars, such as Pharrell Williams, and Mark Wahlberg, international tycoons and local Chinese celebrities. He also led the SYT Wellness team in developing evidence-based formulation of Chinese Medicine.

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We have a large range of products available on our online store. With so many choices available worldwide, we are proud that all our products are of the highest quality and made in-house in Hong Kong.

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Safety is paramount for us as we take the very best natural raw materials and extract them using the latest technology to formulate healthcare products that everyone can use. All our online cordyceps products and raw ingredients, including vegetable capsules, on offer strictly comply with international certification standards, including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and a seal of approval from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The same guarantee applies when buying lingzhi and herbal wellness products. Furthermore, all products that can be bought online, including those using cordyceps and lingzhi, which are types of fungi, undergo rigorous testing and must be approved by the Hong Kong government’s accredited testing centers (SGS and STC, etc). This is to ensure there are no detectable levels of heavy metals, microorganisms, agricultural residue and other harmful substances. The same is done for all our herbal wellness products. All items are also checked to make sure they don’t contain western medicine, steroids and other health products that contain side effects. This is because we pride ourselves on creating natural remedies that benefit your physical and mental health.

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Our products, formulated by renowned health expert and Chinese Medicine Practitioner Cheung Yung, are made in Hong Kong with 100% all natural ingredients including cordyceps, lingzhi and naturally extracted vitamins for a complete solution on respiratory, digestive and immune health!

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