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Online Chinese Medicine “Sitting the Month” Course

Course Purpose

“Sitting the month” is a turning point for women’s health. If you can seize the opportunity to practice the correct methods, you can improve your body constitution after childbirth. If your sitting month is well practiced, you can even be healthier than before you were pregnant. Regardless of natural birth or c-section, the sitting month following 30 days of childbirth is a golden opportunity for rejuvenation, and to restart your bodily functions that could last for a life-time.

Everyone’s body constitution can be different. However, there’s a lack of specific information online on this topic. SYT Wellness created this course to help pregnant women with different bodily constitutions to understand how to nurture wellness step by step. For example, acupressure to alleviate postpartum discomforts; using herbal Chinese Medicine for steaming and washing to improve cold-type bodily constitution, and to reduce limb and joint pain, aka. postpartum wind.



Target Audience

Suitable for postpartum mothers and their family members or interested individuals

Course Content

“Sitting the month” can be divided into three stages:

The first stage is the first 7 days following childbirth, with a focus on “remove blood stasis, regenerate, and expel lochia (vaginal discharge)”. Keep a bland diet with easy to digest food. Avoid invigorating food to enable the recovery of the spleen and stomach. Assist the new mother to eliminate vaginal discharge, rejuvenate blood and contract the uterus.

The second stage is “strengthening the spleen and stomach”. Because labor is exhausting, which can weaken the spleen and stomach. Rejuvenating spleen and stomach can strengthen the digestive system, which in term, can facilitate nutrient absorption and pave the way for upcoming wellness conditioning.

The third stage is “rejuvenate qi and nourishing blood, invigorate kidney and strengthening the bones”. In this stage, the new mother’s bodily function has been mostly recovered. Thus, this is a good time to consume rejuvenating food and Chinese Medicine. Rejuvenation combined with exercise can reduce back pain, hair loss and other symptoms following childbirth.

Lesson 1 - How to distinguish one's bodily constitution. How to observe the changes of lochia (vaginal discharge) and understand the recovery of the uterus. Precautions for daily living and eating after childbirth

Lesson 2- Diet, food preparation and milking diet after normal delivery or caesarean section. The important role of Chinese medicine during month sitting

Lesson 3- Understand postpartum disease (pain). Understanding and using acupressure to relieve postpartum pain and other problems. Postpartum exercise guidance : pelvic floor muscle training, core muscle group exercise, lumbar spine care exercise, upper limb repair and adjustment exercise, hip flexor muscle group adjustment exercise

Lesson 4- Understand postpartum diseases (miscellaneous medical diseases), such as urinary system disorders, breast disorders, menstrual disorders, emotional problems, etc.

Course fees

Tuition: $3,200

Start date: November 3rd to November 24th, every Wednesday at 2-3 pm

Time: 1 hour per lesson, 4 lessons in total

Teaching language: Cantonese

Number of students per class: 4

Those who enroll in the course can receive a [Comprehensive Month Sitting Wellness Package], including:  

(1) Chinese Medicine steaming and washing pack x 10 packs

(2) Postpartum wellness tea x 5: for postpartum depression, breast-releasing, breast-returning, and postpartum weight loss

(3) Confinement Medicinal Diet Pack x 10 packs

(4) Milk tea x 3 packs: Suitable for breastfeeding postpartum mothers

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