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Children's Self Defense (Taught by Certified Wing Chun Master)


3 Advantages of learning Self Defense



Through self-defense training, children learn to assess situations and protect themselves when needed to ward off bullying, and other threats they encounter in their neighborhood or at school.


Boosted self-esteem

When a child feels self-confident, they possess greater self-esteem.  Self-defense increases a child’s ability to feel in control of dangerous situations instead of being victimized by them. 

Enhanced physical health

Self-defense training is physical activity that builds body strength.  Children who feel strong physically generally feel strong mentally as well.   They take greater pride in their physical health, which sets the stage for a more active, healthy lifestyle.


The course is based on physical training, and supplemented by theory with a small classroom size (2-4ppl) Through interactive and fun training, children are taught how to escape from physical threat to achieve the effect of self-protection and avoid harm.

The content includes 10 common escapes:

  1. How to deal with a pinch.
  2. How to deal with a bite.
  3. How to escape from shirt grabs.
  4. How to escape from a wrist hold.
  5. How to escape from both hands grips.
  6. How to defend yourself from a punch.
  7. How to escape from a hair grab.
  8. How to escape from an arm lock.
  9. How to escape from a head lock.
  10. How to escape from a top mount.


After course completion, students will receive Cheung Yung Wing Chun Level I certificate!







Since 2015, Seefu Alec  has been trained by Zhang Yong as a trainer, and has joined Foshan Yongquan's traditional Chinese, classics, biomechanics, sports medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine for many years to combine with the theory and practice of martial arts. After the museum moved to its current location in Wan Chai, Zhang Yongchun was officially opened as an apprentice, and he wrote two books, "Authentic Foshan Chunquan" and "The History of Wing Chunquan", to lecture and promote Foshan's Wing Chun culture.





對象:  8-14歲男女

日期:7月27日 - 8月26日 

時間:逢星期二及四 1:30pm- 2:45pm 或 3:00pm-4:45pm


收費: $2000 (10堂) / $250 (1堂 )上完第一堂後報名餘下9堂收費為$1750

地點:灣仔謝斐道90號豫港大廈12樓 (上醫堂)

查詢電話:2736 7473 




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