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Slimming Soup
Slimming Soup
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Slimming Soup

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Codonopsis pilosula, Semen coicis, Chinese hawthorn fruit, Parched millet sprout, Parched barley sprout, White hyacinth bean, Goji berries (Separate Packing), Cassia seed, Candied jujube

Invigorate spleen to promote digestion, regulate appetite and swollenness and control lipid level

Suitable for:
Those who are overweight, with high blood lipid and blood sugar

Additional ingredients:
Pork shank 300g or winter melon 500g, fresh ginger (3pcs), tangerine peel (1/2 pc)

Cooking Instructions:
Add 8-12 bowls of water (250ml per bowl), soak for 30min. Add additional ingredients (like pork shank), pour into cooking pot and cook for 2 hours, add salt if needed (2-4 servings)

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