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Summer Self-Defense Class for Children

Three major benefits of self-defense for children

1. Through self-defense training, children learn to assess situations and defend themselves when needed against bullies and other threats they encounter near home or at school.

2. When children build self-confidence, they will have a higher sense of self-esteem. Self-defense techniques can help children feel in control of dangerous situations, rather than becoming victims of them.

3. Self-defense training is a physical exercise method. Children who feel strong physically will also feel strong mentally. Through exercise, they gain inner strength and outer courage, feel more proud of their physical health, and become active and healthy children. Lifestyle lays the foundation.

The course is mainly based on practice, supplemented by theory, and uses small class teaching (2-4 people per class) to learn how to properly dismantle the bullying behavior of the other party in an interactive and interesting way, so as to achieve the effect of self-protection and avoid harm. The content includes 10 common malicious situations:

1. The method of dismantling the killed hand;

2. Methods of dismantling bites;

3. Dismantle the rules of being ripped off;

4. How to dismantle someone caught with one hand;

5. Dismantle the method of catching hands;

6. Dismantle methods of being attacked by fists;

7. Dismantle the secret of hair pulling;

8. How to disassemble the arm;

9. How to disassemble the collar;

10. Disassemble the method of escaping from being ridden.

Successful completion of the course will result in a certificate for the first stage of Cheung Yong Wing Chun !

Coach Profile

I have heard about Wing Chun's superb fists and kicks since I was a child. I happened to have a skiing accident and needed to seek treatment from a Chinese medicine practitioner. During a chat with Dr. Zhang Yong, I opened up the question of the authenticity of Wing Chun. Dr. Zhang even gave an impromptu demonstration of "Shaking Jin", which immediately started my search for art. Mental journey. I have been studying Wing Chun with my master for five years. The process requires both diligence and understanding while striving to explore the full range of Wing Chun sects. Therefore, I firmly believe that the sooner you start learning Wing Chun, the better. Children’s muscles and bones are more flexible, which is the best time to learn Wing Chun. In addition to today’s social conditions, it is important to have the skills close to you and learn to integrate from the learning process. The contents of the course include martial arts ethics, respecting teachers and respecting the Tao, etc., in order to achieve the goal of passing on virtues and martial arts from generation to generation, and to openly pass on the rationality, scientificity and practicality of the sect Foshan Wing Chun and preserve Lingnan culture.

Coach He has reached the 8th Dan (coach level) qualification of Zhang Yong Wing Chun and has studied with Master Zhang Yong for more than 5 years. He is a coach recognized by the Wing Chun Professional Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Wushu Association.

Introduction to Wing Chun by Cheung Yung

Zhang Yong Wing Chun was founded by Dr. Zhang Yong, adding the doctor’s years of practice in Foshan Wing Chun and Chinese medicine, meridian science, biomechanics, sports medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine health care, combining the theory of health care and martial arts with training practice. Since the traditional Chinese medicine clinic moved to its current location in Wan Chai in 2015, it has officially opened classes to teach apprentices and established Wing Chun by Cheung Yong. He has written two books, "Authentic Foshan Wing Chun" and "Official History of Wing Chun", to inherit and promote Foshan Wing Chun culture.

For details, please refer to Cheung Yong Wing Chun website

"The Official History of Wing Chun" written by Zhang Yong is available in major bookstores and on the Shang Yi Tong website.

Zhang Yong's "Authentic Foshan Wing Chun" is available in major bookstores and on the Shang Yi Tang website.

class schedule:

Target: Men and women aged 8-14

Dates: July 27 - August 26

Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday 1:30pm-2:45pm or 3:00pm-4:45pm

Number of students per class: small class teaching, up to 4 people per class

Fees: $2000 (10 classes) / $250 (1 class) After the first class, registration for the remaining 9 classes will cost $1750

Location: 12th Floor, Yu Gang Building, 90 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai (Shanghai Medical Hall)

Inquiry hotline: 2736 7473

Note: Wear light clothing, bring your own water, and please arrive 10 minutes before the class

How to participate: After filling out the registration form below, the staff will call you to notify you of payment and class arrangements.

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