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上醫 - 療法

Cheung Yung, the founder of SYT Wellness and a registered TCM physician, is specialised in Lingnan medical techniques with particular techniques in acupuncture and moxibustion. Not only using the scientifically proven techniques of retain needles, quick needles, and electro-acupuncture to stimulate the self-repairing power of the body, the traditional techniques of "Mountain burning manipulation (燒山火)" and "Heavenly cool-inducing technique (透天凉)" were also adopted to achieve the effect of "Qi to Needle, Replenish or Reduce with Needle" .

Lingnan medicine has regional characteristics and is very suitable for treating the epidemic and common urban pain in hot and humid Guangdong . Lingnan Orthopedics and Traumatology has its own unique technique, which mainly relies on the inheritance of master and apprentice. There is a saying that "the method can only be taught by teaching but not the book", so the method is all relying on their own skills and clinical practice. In addition to acupuncture, orthopedics, chiropractic, and bone injuries, Dr. Cheung advocates disease prevention rather than treatment and prevention before illness, so he devotes himself to research Chinese medicine prescriptions, internal and external application of herbal medicine, health care exercise and decoction, etc, and developed a completed set of medical treatment method from syndrome differentiation to treatment.

He agrees with the Confucian values ​​of "If not be a good minister then be a good doctor", which has profound and far-reaching influence on the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine. SYT Wellness has always take benevolence and caring for patients as its top priority; thus, it has won the trust and support of the masses, with its reputation being well-known today.

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