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Hollywood Superstars Choose SYT Wellness

Under the pandemic, people's livelihoods are under tremendous pressure and Hong Kong people are physically and mentally exhausted ! Immune system is easily affected under pressure, and viruses will definitely take advantage to invade. Cheung Yung, who is known as a celebrity doctor locally and internationally, stated that maintaining emotional health is the first priority under the pandemic environment so to prevent the body and mind from being stressed and weakened. Now we will learn from Dr. Cheung his unique health-preserving tips on helping the body to strengthen its natural immune barrier in the face of this "COVID-19 battle" and to win over. Text ∣ Angus  Photo∣ Choi KinSun, Sing Tao Picture Library, provided by the interviewee

Stress Induces Toxins - To Relieve the Liver and Relieve Depression

The pandemic continues and pressure on living is high. If the work is already being stressful, coupled with irregular eating and insufficient rest, it is more likely to cause extensive pressure and raise cortisol level, and results in various physical and mental illnesses, such as anxiety, irritability, dry mouth, insomnia, gastrointestinal discomforts such as bloating and, constipation. In addition to being expert in treating pain syndromes, he is also known as celebrity doctor locally and internationally. Doctor Cheung Yung, the founder of SYT Wellness, has unique knack for body conditioning and health maintenance, said bluntly that recently there are more people who are in their thirties had came to sought medical treatment in the clinic. Most of them are professionals working in finance, banking, law and other field. Most of their physical problems are caused by excessive stress. "Too much stress will cause the body to produce toxins. Many clinical signs of patients shows symptoms of liver qi stagnation. They need to soothe the nerves, soothe the liver and detoxify to relieve stress."

Stress causes physical and mental discomfort. In addition to exercise, Chinese medicine is a good recipe for decompression. Cheung Yung pointed out that Chinese medicinal materials such as Bupleurum and Rhizoma Cyperi can help rejuvenate liver, relieve depression and detoxify. Tuber Fleeceflower Stem has the effect of nourishing blood and calming nerves, and is especially suitable for insomnia caused by deficiency of yin and blood. "Immunity will naturally improve with enough sleep, and so is the resistance to illness." High pressure can also cause gastrointestinal discomfort, such as constipation and diarrhea, so the prescription prepared by Dr. Cheung added specially spleen-invigorating medicinal herbs, such as ganoderma lucidum and poria to improve gastrointestinal function.

Replenish Lung Function to Fight the Long-Term Anti-Pandemic Battle

Based on his many years of clinical experience, Cheung Yung has noticed that many Hong Kong people have lung deficiency problems. To fight against the COVID-19 pandemic today, it is necessary to strengthen the lung function. "The weather in Hong Kong is humid. When indoor there is always air-conditioning. Combined that many people like to drink cold drinks, people are generally more susceptible to cold and have weaker lungs." People with lung deficiency are often accompanied by skin allergies, nasal allergies, fatigue, cold hands and feet, yellow or pale complexion, and more susceptible to colds and coughs.

Cheung Yung suggested using lily, bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae, cordyceps essence, astragalus, etc. to invigorate the lungs. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs dominate the skin and when the lungs are weak, the spleen and stomach are also prone to deterioration. For example, some patients have too many bowel movements per day (some up to five to six times), they should need to invigorate their spleen. It is recommended to improve the symptoms of spleen deficiency with yam, lotus seeds and gorgon euryale seed.

Concentrated Chinese Medicine Pills for Conditioning and Disease Prevention

TCM emphasizes that strengthening the body and expelling the toxin is the only way to prevent virus invasion. In other words, proper conditioning of the body can help strengthen the immunity and prevent diseases. Urban people have a busy life. In recent years, many people have chosen to take Chinese medicine pill supplements instead of traditional Chinese medicinal decoctions. Cheung Yung believes that the two are suitable for different situations and can be selected according to needs. "Pills are convenient. One or two pills per day can already regulate the body. They are mostly used for mild symptoms, conditioning and prevention. You should refer to the drug instructions before taking them to understand whether you are suitable for consumption. If you have any questions, You can consult a Chinese medicine physician first.” As for decocting medicine, it is more suitable for patients. “When seeking medical treatment, the physician needs to differentiate and treat the symptoms, and then prescribe independent prescriptions. In this case, decoction is more suitable.” Chinese medicine pill supplements are made from concentrated Chinese medicinal materials, and the effect is similar to that of decoction, except that the latter is usually bitter, and those who are afraid of bitterness may have to be take with snacks.

Hollywood Superstars Choose SYT Wellness

Many foreigners are aware of the advantages of Chinese medicine in healing from the fundamentals and seek medical advice from experienced Chinese medicine practitioners. Over the years, Cheung Yung has treated many westerners, many of whom are celebrities, and many local celebrities are also long-term supporters of Dr. Cheung.

1+2. The actor Mark Wahlberg of the movie "Transformers 4" suffered a shoulder and neck injury while filming this blockbuster movie in Hong Kong. He subsequently visited Dr. Cheung, who performed acupuncture treatment for him. Mark was very grateful after the treatment and took a photo with Dr. Cheung.

3+4. Pharrell Williams, a famous rapper, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer who has won many Grammy Awards, has also visited Dr. Cheung for treatment to regulate and detoxify the body, so as to reduce stress, enhance immunity and maintain a strong physique.

5+6. Steven Ma Chun Wai has been harassed by the noise of neighbors for over a year and accumulated significant pressure . He posted on his social media, "Every time Dr. Cheung Yung performs cervical and spine reduction treatments for me, I really feel as if I have returned to the ground from space, and I feel like home again, thank you!"

7. Cheung Yung practiced under Foshan Wing Chun Grandmaster Sheng Neng and he inherited the genuine traditions under the Lingnan Foshan culture, both medical and martial arts. He was befriended with Tony Leung who also learned Wing Chun. Dr. Cheung helped Tony Leung to deal with his long term shoulder and waist problems, and also helped him adjust his physical fitness and strengthen his immunity. physique. The picture shows that when SYT Wellness moved to its current location in Wan Chai, Tony Leung was here to congratulate Dr. Cheung!

Cheung Yung's five health tips

1. Go to bed early and get up early. 11pm to 1am is the time for the liver to rest .

2. The spleen and stomach meridian period is between 7 am to 9 am, so breakfast must be eaten at this time, otherwise spleen and stomach will easily be damaged .

3. Drink more Pu'er tea to help digestion in the stomach and intestines.

4. Exercise more. Walk for at least half an hour a day. Swimming, hiking, Tai Chi, and Qigong are all acceptable, all of which have good effects on promoting qi and blood circulation and enhancing cardiopulmonary function.

5. Control the eating habit. Eat less fried, hot and humid foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits, and drink more soups that invigorate the spleen and dispel dampness.

The secret prescription for epidemic prevention

Over the years, there has been a lot of information on fitness and diet therapy in the market, which generally cause confusions to people. What Hong Kong people need most now is learn to relieve the heavy pressure from the long-lasting pandemic. The following tea therapies and soups prepared by Cheung Yung himself can adjust the body, mood and aspirations, and help Hong Kong people to reduce stress and relieve stagnation.


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