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Must Grasp the Golden Time in Treating Facial Paralysis

#SkyPost Column】Must Grasp the Golden Time in Treating Facial Paralysis
Facial paralysis is also known as facial nerve palsy. Traditional Chinese medicine physicians refers to it as "skewed mouth and eyes" and "pawn mouth". Most patients have this disease caused by cold or flu. When they wash their face and gargle in the morning, they suddenly find that one side of their cheek cannot move well and the mouth is tilted. If the condition is serious, the facial expression muscles of the patient will be completely paralyzed, characterized by that their forehead wrinkles will appear, flat nasolabial folds, drooping mouth corners and the mouth corners are tilted when the teeth are exposed. In addition, the patient's face cannot perform actions such as frowning, frowning, closing eyes, inflating and pursing the mouth. At the same time, symptoms such as pain behind the ears and loss of taste will appear.
 If not treated in time, there may be sequelae of varying degrees, such as crooked face, crooked mouth, beating eye corners when smiling, and tears when eating, which not only affects the daily life and work of the patient but may also have psychological impact to the patienty.
 According to the principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment, TCM divides facial paralysis into three types: wind-cold, wind-heat and wind-phlegm.
 Wind-cold syndrome: Sudden onset, inability to close eyes, tears, paralysis of lateral muscles, fear of cold, tight facial muscles, pale red tongue, thin white fur, floating on tongue and tight pulse.
 Wind-heat syndrome: sudden onset, or fear of cold and fever, pain in the occiput of one ear, herpes in the ear, tinnitus, and then the same side of the mouth and eyes crooked, upset, dry mouth, irritability, dry stool, red tongue with yellow or greasy coating, slippery or chord pulse.
 Wind phlegm type: sudden mouth and eyes crooked, eyelids can not be closed or twitching face, facial numbness and swelling, heavy head, chest tightness or vomiting, sputum saliva, fat tongue, white greasy coating on tongue, slippery pulse string.
 Once facial paralysis is discovered, early treatment is especially important, and patients should pay close attention to the golden period during the 1 to 15 days from onset for treatment. In addition, patients with severe facial paralysis should not give up treatment because of the results of the first few treatment may not be significant, but should pay attention to the recovery period (15 days to 3 months) and the treatment period. The first 3 months from onset is a critical period for treatment. Some patients will experience involuntary hemifacial beating or spasm during treatment. At this time, local stimulation should be avoided. Patients should adhere to treatment until they are healed to avoid sequelae. In addition, the patient should do more exercises, take regular breaks, and enhance their physique and immunity. On the other hand, patients should pay attention to keep warm, avoid sitting or standing in the wind for a long time. It is recommended that if you have the above symptoms, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.
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