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Acupuncture Treatment for Stroke Sequelae

Stroke is a common disease, and it may be further categorised by reasons of cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism and subarachnoid hemorrhage, etc. Stroke has different seriousness, with less serious type may cause blockage of meridians, and more serious type may cause damages in the brain, and sequelae if the condition is not well treated. The more common stroke sequelae include Qi deficiency and blood stasis syndrome, Yin deficiency and internal heat syndrome, liver and kidney deficiency syndrome, heart and spleen Yang deficiency syndrome, wind phlegm blocking collaterals syndrome, and phlegm and blood stasis syndrome.

There was once a 70-year-old old lady who had high cholesterol and blood pressure. Her personality was relatively introverted. She didn't like to talk to outsiders and kept everything in her mind. One day, unfortunately, she fainted at home and her family immediately called an ambulance to take her to a public hospital. The doctor diagnosed her as having a stroke and needs immediate surgery. After the operation, the old lady was still unconscious, but the hospital only arranged her to be admitted to a general ward with no other resources or treatment plans were given to follow up. Her family was very anxious and sought alternative medical treatment, and immediately transferred her to the best private hospital in Hong Kong. The doctor immediately performed further operations on the old lady after admission. Although the operation was successful, the old lady was still unconscious.

Later, the old lady's family member invited me and a neurology professor to have diagnosis and treatment on the old lady. I immediately seized the time and went to the hospital every day to perform acupuncture treatments for the old lady. Three months later, the old lady gradually recovered and finally came back from her coma. I was also relieved as she regained consciousness.

Under the acupuncture treatment, the old lady gradually became able to sit on her own. After that, she was able to get out of bed gradually, and with the cooperation of physical therapy, she was able to walk slowly step by step. After more than 3 months, the old lady was finally able to walk out of the hospital on her own. After the old lady was discharged from the hospital, we have continued to follow up for her. Now the old lady is well recuperating at home and can take a walk in the park on her own.

After having stroke, most patients generally have varying degrees of limb motor dysfunction, and the recovery of motor function will be their utmost desire. TCM physicians believe that acupuncture treatment for stroke shall start the earlier the better. The best time for rehabilitation of limb function is within 3 months after the onset of illness, and 6 months after the onset of illness is still within the effective recovery period. If the onset of the illness is over 1 year, the effect of rehabilitation and the speed of recovery of the patient's limb function will be reduced. (This column publishes every Friday)

Written by: Cheung Yung, founder of SYT Wellness, a registered Chinese physician, who has won the trust and support of celebrities, specialized in treating pain and urban diseases.

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