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Diet for San Fu Tian (the Hottest Days)

Pay attention to the diet in San Fu Tian

Starting from 11 July, we will enter into the period with hottest weather of the year, which is also the days that are the wettest and stuffiest. 🥵

San Fu Tian lasts for a period of about 30 days, and 10 days is called one Fu. 🍕During the period, the spleen and stomach are easily affected by the weather and people prone to loss appetite and lead to indigestion. To prepare the diets in San Fu Tuan, attention should be paid to distinguish the physique, being cold or heat, and weak or strong, so as to prepare diet that accurately enhance and tonic the body, otherwise it will increase the loss of Yang Qi and add worsen the heat. 😱

🥶 People with weak and cold constitution, such as whose with asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases, shall eat less cold food, such as watermelon, cold drinks, etc.

💧 Drink plenty of hot water and hot tea, sweat in an appropriate amount to dispel the cold, will have the effect of dredging the exterior and the interior, and release the heat.

😓Relieving heat and dampness: People who are relatively sweaty/hyperhidrosis are prone to symptoms such as insomnia or emotional agitation or anxiety. It is recommended to eat bitter gourd, mung bean, lotus seed, lily, poria, etc. in decoction therapy and diet therapy, which will have the effects of removing dampness and clearing the heart and fire.

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