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Mar 7, 2023

中醫解密|疫苗症候群 脾虛體質必防 易肚屙 低燒 易倦 便秘

Decryption of Chinese Medicine|Vaccine Syndrome: Spleen deficiency and constitution must prevent stomachache, low fever, tiredness and constipation

After being vaccinated against the COVID-19 vaccine, many people are weak and weak, and develop low-grade fever, e...

Dec 16, 2021

中醫藥抗Omicron|強化版食療激活脾胃 穴按強身操加持

Treating Omicron with TCM|Enhanced version of diet therapy to activate the spleen and stomach, and acupoint press for strengthening body

    COVID-19 mutates rapidly. Recently, the newly emerged virus variant Omicron, due to its high transmission powe...

Jul 12, 2021


Diet for San Fu Tian (the Hottest Days)

Pay attention to the diet in San Fu TianStarting from 11 July, we will enter into the period with hottest weather of ...

Jul 11, 2021


Reasons for Nourishing Yang in Summer

Generally speaking, summer should be a time when the Yang Qi is relatively strong. Many people will ask, why do you...
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