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中醫解密|疫苗症候群 脾虛體質必防 易肚屙 低燒 易倦 便秘

Decryption of Chinese Medicine|Vaccine Syndrome: Spleen deficiency and constitution must prevent stomachache, low fever, tiredness and constipation

After being vaccinated against the COVID-19 vaccine, many people are weak and weak, and develop low-grade fever, easy fatigue, etc. Some people even have gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating or constipation. In addition to being related to summer heat and dampness, the above problems may also be caused by spleen deficiency and physical constitution. Therefore, you need to pay attention to abstinence, and then use beneficial soup to replenish the spleen. Intestinal discomfort caused by summer heat or after acupuncture can be easily solved.

Decoction for sensitive stomach and intestines to nourish the spleen

Dr. Zhang pointed out that many Hong Kong people have a constitution due to the lack of Qi and Yin due to the water and soil and frequent consumption of raw and cold food. Due to their weak immune function, they often suffer from physical weakness, fear of cold and easy fatigue, etc. Some people who have received the COVID-19 vaccine People who are young are more likely to have low-grade fever, sweating, and even gastrointestinal problems. Dr. Zhang said that patients with intestinal problems after injection often have swollen faces and poor spirits. Some people also have frequent bowel movements from time to time, sometimes going to the toilet five or six times a day. Although they feel normal and smooth every time, these The level is excessive.

Dr. Zhang said: "Normal people should only defecate once a day. If they defecate multiple times a day, the food will have been excreted before being absorbed, and the nutrients will naturally not be converted. Therefore, excessive stool frequency is abnormal," Dr. Zhang pointed out. This situation is very common in Hong Kong. Even if they are not vaccinated, there are many similar patients. If they are a little nervous, they will have a bowel movement. If they eat food with a little too much oil, or eat shrimps, crabs and seafood, they will often suffer from abdominal pain. Most of these patients are sensitive to the gastrointestinal tract. .

"People with sensitive gastrointestinal problems are often allergic, so they often suffer from nasal sensitivity, skin sensitivity and eczema at the same time. After vaccination, they are more likely to develop symptoms of gastrointestinal sensitivity, or even develop hemorrhoids due to excessive bowel movements in the toilet, leading to Injury and bleeding. "If you encounter hemorrhoids, Dr. Zhang said that in addition to cleaning with wet wipes, it is best to use traditional Chinese medicine to remove toxins and use dietary therapy to clear away heat, detoxify, and reduce inflammation and swelling. People with excessive stools have spleen deficiency, so they should replenish the spleen. Making soup using yam, lotus seeds, and gorgon seeds can improve the function of the spleen and stomach. It is simple but also very effective.

Prevent diarrhea caused by summer heat and dampness

In fact, there are many causes of diarrhea. In addition to vaccine reactions, Dr. Zhang said that you should also pay attention to heat-related dampness in summer. Patients suffering from heat-wetness often have a heavy head, are afraid of greasy food and have a lack of appetite. They also often experience symptoms such as diarrhea and unclear defecation. Dr. Zhang explained: "Hot-wetness is a common problem in summer. It is usually caused by eating raw or cold food and viruses entering the intestines and stomach. It is not difficult to cure the disease with Chinese medicine. The first choice of Chinese medicine is Huoxiang Zhengqi Pills, which can specifically treat this disease. You should also abstain from eating raw and cold foods, and drink Qi-tonifying and spleen-boosting soup containing ingredients such as yam, lotus seeds, gorgon seeds, black beans, adenophora, polygonatum odorifera, white lentils, fried rice sprouts, and northern and southern apricots. This soup has unique effects. "

In addition to gastrointestinal discomfort such as abdominal discomfort after the injection, Dr. Zhang pointed out that some people have the opposite situation and are often constipated. Dr. Zhang said: "Some patients have to defecate once every four or five days. This is too little. People with constipation are also prone to hemorrhoids and bleeding. They can consult a traditional Chinese medicine doctor for diagnosis and body conditioning, so as to moisten the intestines and replenish yin to make up for the lack of yin fluid."

The first thing to avoid when you are physically weak

After being vaccinated, many people become weak and suffer from cold sensitivity and persistent low fever. Dr. Zhang said that this is a deficiency syndrome, and most of the patients have a weak constitution. For these patients, they should first focus on abstaining from cold drinks such as watermelon, mung beans, herbal tea, etc. All foods are prohibited, and green tea, etc. should also be avoided. In addition, you should also pay attention to keeping warm. It is best to consult a traditional Chinese medicine doctor to regulate the body. When the spleen and stomach are good, the immune system is improved, and the resistance can be improved.

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