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面癱|女子面癱1年無法閉眼 靠中醫2療法治本防復發

Facial Paralysis|A woman with facial paralysis who cannot close her eyes for one year relies on two methods of traditional Chinese medicine to treat the root cause and prevent recurrence

The strong winter monsoon hits, and the cold wind and cold evil cause many diseases and complications, among which facial paralysis is the most common. Chinese medicine believes that there are many other causes of this disease and has its own unique cure for the root cause. Even for cases of facial paralysis that cannot be cured by steroids, which are known as the "panacea" in Western medicine, Chinese medicine can also use internal and external treatments. Course of treatment to cure it and prevent recurrence. In fact, there are now more and more cases of facial paralysis being referred to Chinese medicine for treatment by Western medicine doctors. Below, registered Chinese medicine practitioner Zhang Yong explains in detail the effective methods to prevent and treat facial paralysis.

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