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腰背痛|久坐易生骨刺 變坐骨神經痛 中醫教飲1湯水防關節磨蝕發炎

Low back pain | Sitting for long periods of time can easily lead to bone spurs and sciatica. Chinese medicine teaches you to drink 1 soup of water to prevent joint abrasion and inflammation.

Back pain is very common among urbanites, especially working people. Joint pain is unavoidable due to work strain. This kind of pain is often inseparable from the formation of bone spurs. Is it true that bone spurs and bone spurs cause pain? Terrible and inevitable?

Registered Chinese medicine practitioner Zhang Yong said that Chinese medicine has a systematic prevention and treatment plan for the treatment of bone spurs, especially in improving cases caused by degeneration, with the most significant effects.

Bone Spurs, Back Pain, Bone Spurs What are Bone Spurs?

  • Registered Chinese medicine practitioner Zhang Yong said that bone spurs can be understood as the aging of bones. When the cartilage between bones undergoes long-term wear, dehydration and degradation, it will lead to bone or abnormal bone proliferation and form "bone spurs".
  • If it presses or rubs against other bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves and other soft tissues, it may cause wear and pain.
  • The most common areas where bone spurs occur include the spine, shoulders, hands, knees and foot joints. Low back pain is a very common case.
  • Bone spurs occur in different parts and can cause different degrees and types of discomfort. Symptoms such as soreness, numbness, tingling, swelling and pain, and fatigue may occur in the affected area.

Bone spurs only occur when you are older?

  • Dr. Zhang Yong continued that bone spurs are an aging phenomenon, so bone spurs generally occur in middle-aged and elderly people. The older people are, the more likely they are to develop bone spurs.

Bone spurs have various symptoms and be careful to identify them

  • Even if it is a bone spur, it turns out that not everyone with bone spurs will feel pain or discomfort. Why?
  • According to Dr. Zhang Yong, the reason is that most bone spurs do not cause symptoms, and many people do not know they have bone spurs.

The overall plan of treating bone spurs / low back pain with traditional Chinese medicine

  • Dr. Zhang Yong said that not all bone spurs require treatment, but it depends on the location of the bone spurs and their impact on the body.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine generally uses acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to treat bone spurs.

Prevention / relief of bone spurs / low back pain, dietary therapy and acupoint massage

  • Dr. Zhang Yong emphasized that bone spurs are related to bone and joint degeneration, so daily prevention and joint deterioration should be prevented early to avoid bone spurs caused by bone hyperplasia.

Additional video on the same scene: Preventing joint diseases that easily induce bone spurs

  • Some joint diseases, such as the very common gout, can induce and increase the chance of bone spurs.

Reprinted from Sing Tao Headlines


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