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勤力的老闆 要貨不要腳  小腿肌肉拉傷

The Hardworking Boss Wants Goods But Not His Foot - Calf Muscle Strain

The Hardworking Boss Wants Goods But Not His Foot - Calf Muscle Strain


I once met a patient in his forties who was a very hardworking boss. He told me that the accident happened in Shenzhen. At that time, he was eager to chase the bus, and when he tried to run forward, he suddenly heard a slap, and the back of his calf immediately felt very painful. He can no longer run but to walk.

Because he was still in Shenzhen, he only bought an ointment from the local pharmacy. After returning to the hotel, he slammed the painful part on the back of his calf with the ointment, thinking that the more he slapped, the faster he would be recovered. However, at night, the calf became more painful, hot and swollen and he was unable to move. After staying in Shenzhen for two weeks, he was able to walk slowly back to Hong Kong.

After returning to Hong Kong, he immediately came to SYT Wellness for medical treatment. He said he only have two days for treatment because he would need to go to the Shenzhen factory to take care of business again next week. He said that because the company had just received a huge Christmas order so it must be completed by Christmas. My only thinking was that now it's really hard for Hong Kong people to do business! Even this boss is lame, he can't rest and has to go to China.

Clinical manifestations:

After a clinical examination, I found that the back of the boss’s calf was swollen with lumps, forming a rope-like scar tissue.

There is ecchymosis on the surface of the lower limbs, extending to the toes. I diagnosed that this boss was suffering from "calf muscle laceration injury," which caused edema, pain, and inflammation of the soft tissues, and ruptured capillaries, leading to bleeding and stasis. Because the boss applied force to the affected area before, caused the cracked wound to form scar tissue. Therefore, I advised the boss that he must rest more, reduce activities, and wait for the wound to heal. In this case the wound will be healed in about two to three weeks of treatment.

Uncooperative is hard to cure:

However, this boss was not very cooperative. Not only he did not take proper care during the treatment period, he did not come to the clinic for treatment after returning to Shenzhen. When encountering such patients, it is useless even the doctor has great techniques. Three months later, the boss still has not been recovered. Later, the boss came to the clinic and asked me: "Doctor! Why didn't I get better after three months of treatment? Walking doesn't hurt . But it hurts when I run, and my calves are very tight!"

I immediately replied to the boss: "At the time, you said you didn't have time to rest and you couldn't continue to receive treatment. If you miss the golden period of treatment, the effect will definitely be poor. This is the result of your choice of "requiring goods without feet"." The boss listened. Finally understood. So I immediately arranged time and finally recovered after a week of continuous treatment.

Treatment method:

The treatment method is mainly acupuncture. In the early stage, the medicine is taken orally for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and analgesic, and in the later stage, it is taken orally the medicine for nourishing blood and nourishing sage. It can be applied externally as an ointment for dieda and swelling, or fumigated and soaked with Chinese medicine for relaxation and collaterals.

Source: "The Complete Book of Pain" by Cheung Yung
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