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頸椎病綜合症 讀不了書

Cannot Study - Cervical Spondylopathy Syndrome


Nowadays, many children and adolescents often indulge in computer games and as a result suffer from over-straining of the cervical spine, frequent head shaking, insomnia, lack of energy, and loss of passion to work. I also often encounter these cases in clinical practice. Patients cannot study because they are unable to concentrate, so their parents take them to see psychiatry and take western medicine. Later, they were introduced by friends with this knowledge and asked me to check and diagnose their symptoms. After the diagnosis, I found that they all have the problem of insufficient blood supply to the brain due to the cervical spine compressing the "vertebral artery", which causes the above symptoms. These symptoms are caused by poor blood circulation, causing long-term neck and back pain, headache, dizziness, insomnia, lack of energy and low self-confidence, and dejection all day long.

When encountering these cases, I often ask the parents of the patients: "The child’s neck is uncomfortable for a long time, causing inertial head shaking. With such a physical condition, may I ask the parents, how can your child concentrate on studying?" Then I would ask them again why they didn't take their children to see a doctor? They replied, "Yes! They have even seen psychiatrists and psychologists. But I didn't realize it was affected by "cervical spondylopathy." Of course they can't think of it, because even the doctors can't think about it.

Don't underestimate these children. After treatment, their grades improved immediately. They are all the top ones. It turns out that they are all excellent students.

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