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坐骨神經痛|腰背痛難走路或坐骨神經受損 出現7症狀要小心 附止痛食療

Sciatica | Low back pain makes it difficult to walk or the sciatic nerve is damaged and there are 7 symptoms to be careful about, including analgesic diet therapy

Lumbar pain, back pain, numbness in the feet, soreness in the buttocks and other discomforts often appear alone. What is even more distressing is that more than one symptom can occur at the same time, making the patient "restless". In severe cases, even " "It's difficult to move." Is it purely a back problem, a foot problem, or is it caused by an injury to the back muscles?

Registered Chinese medicine practitioner Zhang Yong reminds people with the above symptoms to be careful because it may involve damage to the sciatic nerve. They must be careful to identify the symptoms and treat the symptoms and causes correctly. In addition to manual treatments such as bone setting and reduction, they must also not forget the root cause. Through medicinal and dietary conditioning, it can help strengthen the foundation, replenish qi, blood and unblock collaterals, which can effectively remove paralysis and relieve pain, and prevent recurrence.

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