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筋膜炎|腳跟腳板痛惡化難走路 中醫教飲茶浸腳2招消炎止痛

Fasciitis|Heel and foot pain worsens and makes it difficult to walk. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches drinking tea and soaking feet 2 ways to reduce inflammation and relieve pain

Heel pain, plantar pain, and plantar fascia inflammation are very common foot problems among Hong Kong people. When people reach middle age, they are at a higher risk of developing these pains. Of course, it is important to prevent them before they happen. "Stop the loss" and focus on treatment and prevention of future recurrences.

Registered Chinese medicine practitioner Zhang Yong reminds everyone not to ignore the seriousness of this disease because it is common, because if not treated early, it can easily worsen and may lead to bone spurs at any time, which will affect walking and mobility.

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